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 Energy Healings and Other Holistic Modalities:

Come visit our Wellness Center, brand new rooms, designed and created to bring Love, Peace and Healing to all that enter…
Energy work is more defined in quantum physics as the manipulation of energy to balance and create a harmonic vibration in the mind, body, spirit trinity. Energy work includes working with the body’s Chakra System to promote alignment.
We do rent our Healing Rooms (furnished) to outside Healers, Readers, Teachers and other activities in line with our space for $10 an hour.
If you would like to rent space please contact Michele or Mark @Stardust Blessings Metaphysical, 203-932-1441

Stardust Blessings Proudly presents:
Orgone Transmutation Chamber

A one of a kind Markaba Orgone Chamber. Come experience the power of Orgone.  Wilhelm Reich created the first ‘Orgone Boxes’ in the late 1930’s. His research with Orgone Technology lead him to experiment on mice in Orgone boxes, he successfully shrunk tumors down and dispelled cancer in the mice along with other diseases. Reich began testing on terminally ill cancer patients having them sit in the Orgone Box for 1 hour per day and yielded the same results over a 60 day period.

The technology of Orgone dispels all negative frequencies/energy (DOR) and creates a high, pure-positive frequency/energy (POR). The evidence shows spending time in high frequency ‘beats down’ or eliminates the DOR energy, allowing the immune system to recharge and blood cells to stop ‘vibrating’ from surrounding frequencies such as radiation produced by wireless, cell phones, microwaves, blue tooth devices. The Chamber creates a space where the Ionic Atmosphere is balanced and healthy to promote healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.
A connection to Source energy is easily obtained due to the peaceful and positive atmosphere.
The Orgone Transmutation Chamber has shown to be beneficial in helping to relieve symptoms of illness from sinus infections to much more complicated illnesses and speeds up healing.
It has been noted that people have felt a strong connection to Spirit, became overwhelmingly grateful and emotional baggage seemed to lift and dispel.
Those who have experienced the Chamber have ALL described the Chamber as ‘the most peaceful place they have been’;  one woman said she felt like she was in ‘the womb of God’. A man that emerged from the Chamber dazed and had a feeling of floating said his experience was ‘indescribable’ he could only say that he ‘felt like he met with God or the Universe and had a conversation’.
Each experience slightly different in nature and the Chamber seems to keep working even after the session ends. Some have reported vivid or lucid dreaming in the nights following or sudden answers to problems come to light in the days after (downloads). Some have had revelations and clarity in the Chamber, some have actually felt so peaceful from severe stress that they instantly fell asleep and emerged 44 minutes later feeling exhilarated and recharged.
What will your experience be?
The Orgone Transmutation Chamber is a private room; consists of a suspended bed in the heart of a Merkaba frame filled with Orgone Technology. Each frame section contains a different crystal/gemstone amounting to 16 different crystals/gemstones total. The top and bottom frame has added herbal blends for Ascension, Healing, Love and Abundance. Anything encased in Orgone technology is amplified therefore these frequencies are being amplified for greater benefit and attunement. There is a large Crystal Grid created and charged with Love and Abundance under the bed and 7 tuned Quartz crystals under the mattress each tuned and aligned with your chakra system. You will emerge fully tuned energetically. The session is scheduled for 1 hour and consists of a 44 minute guided mediation that brings you hypnotically into meditation and then gives you a ‘spirit pep talk’ to get you tuned up. We have observed multiple sessions brings greater benefit and deeper connections.
We are offering this experience for $35 for a single session and 10 pk sessions for $200 that must be used in a 60 day time frame.
Please see Stardust Blessings ‘About Us’ page of our website to learn more about Orgone Energy Technology.

We at Stardust Blessings carry our own hand-made Orgone Energy Technology products called OrgoneIAM and have extensive study into Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Energy which he defines as ‘life force energy’. Dr. Reich used a Geiger counter to measure energy and read its properties as DOR (Negative energy/charges) and POR (Positive pure energy/charges).
Wilhelm Reich’s work is extensive and time consuming to explain in full here. We successfully teach classes on Dr. Reich’s work and have for the last 6 years. We also perform many experiments with Orgone Energy and are actively in research and development to discover maximum potential and benefit that Orgone Energy provides and is capable of.
Orgone Healing is well known and accepted in today’s science. It is used to clean radiation caused by cell phones, microwaves and wireless devices. Canada uses Orgone Technology to halt radiation poisoning from cell phone towers. South Africa has also been an innovator of Orgone Technology and uses the technology also to prevent radiation poisoning to their crops and waters.
There is also a journal written on Psychiatric Orgone Therapy. NYC hospitals once had an Orgone facility on site. The Orgone facility was moved out to Long Island and treats a large spectrum of issues both emotionally and physically.
Orgone Technology is a benefit to anyone. It is non-invasive, merely cleansing the surrounding environment to create conditions for optimum health. Radiation is deadly in high amounts, in our current society humans have adapted to high levels of radiation but remains to be taxing and unhealthy on the body and its natural energy harmonics. Radiation causes our red blood vessels to vibrate mimicking that of free radical cells that break down our immune systems. The Orgone Technology filters the harmful EMF and radiation from the surrounding area allowing the blood to flow in harmony without interference creating the perfect conditions to allow the body to heal naturally.

Reiki the most popular form of Energy work; is a worldwide, fundamental and widely recognized practice. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by a light touch or suspended hands above the body and is based on the quantum science of the "life force energy" flowing through us. Reiki is in its most elementary definition a "spiritually guided life force energy"; has been engaged in for centuries and was/is a foundational aspect and catalyst in the study of quantum physics.

Reiki (Ray-Key) comes from the Japanese words ‘Rei’ meaning universal and ‘Ki’ meaning life force. Every living thing has life force or energy and when it flows freely and is balanced we are healthy and happy. When the energy level is low or imbalanced we are more susceptible to illness and stress.
Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of healing developed in the early 1900’s by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki has been practiced by healers and Buddhist monks for centuries. It rebalances and replenishes the energy in your body stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
Reiki can ease stress, clear the mind and help to relieve physical ailments. It is not a cure for illness but can relieve symptoms and help strengthen the immune system which is often lowered by stress. Again, helping stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
Sound Healing became highly studied in the 1980’s-1990’s and popularized in 2005. It is referred to as sound therapy, often called sound healing. The practice employs the vibrations of the human voice as well as objects that resonate to go beyond relaxation and stimulate healing. (the resonating objects include tuning forks, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, drums) Sound Healing is the mastering of frequency and vibration to create harmonics in the mind, body spirit.
Michele has been studying sound therapy through tuning forks for some time now and incorporating the experience with the knowledge obtained through research and study of Quantum Physics applied as well as added Orgone Technology into her sessions.
Sound therapy is also in part to the well-known OM mantras used for Yoga and meditation.
Michele offers Chakra tunings as well as full sessions geared to specific ailments and illnesses. Everything is frequency ~Nikola Tesla, therefore there is a frequency to dispel imbalances of energy that cause pain and illness.
Tuning sessions are $1 per minute, an average Chakra Tuning takes 15-20 minutes, other ailments tend to involve several imbalances in the chakra system and take 30-40 minutes to attune. We have had a great success and response to tunings and treatment with the forks.
 Drumming circles will be a ‘special event’ once a month starting this November. A Drumming circle consists of several people gathering for meditation purposes usually on specific days such as Solstice or during certain moon cycles. The drumming is a form of sound therapy as described above. The drumming circles are well- known throughout history in countless traditions, meditations and spiritual gatherings.
Further, research indicates that drumming accelerates physical healing and boosts the immune system. In addition specific studies conducted by professionals in the fields of music therapy and mental health show us that drumming: Reduces tension, anxiety and stress and also helps control chronic pain. Gatherings include multiple people in a circle while 1-3 people drum a specific beat/pattern or frequency.
**Please check out our scheduling to get dates (button to scheduling page)
A salt room or salt cave simply defines a room with the parameters clothed in Pink Himalayan Salt to recreate an environment of a natural salt cave.
Pink Himalayan Salt has been recognized worldwide for its healing and restorative powers since ancient times it has been accepted and used as a potent natural healer and proven to hold therapeutic value. Himalayan Salt promotes healing while creating peace in the mind body soul.
Some therapeutic values include but not limited to:
-the reduction of allergies, COPD, Asthmas and other respiratory conditions.
-Acts as a detoxifier for air born pollutants
-Improves sleep
-Increases energy levels
-Promotes relief from skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne
-Improves mood and overall sense of well being
-Balances the Ionic Atmosphere to promote peaceful balance in energy
Salt Rooms have been long standing in the UK and used by scientists and doctors alike. They have been studied and proven to be a healthy resource for stress relief and emotional/mental well-being.
Salt Rooms are becoming vastly popular in the US, Connecticut alone has five Salt Cave businesses which we ourselves have traveled to experience. There are no Salt Cave locations local to West Haven. We would like to bring this healthy experience to our community for the purpose of stress relief outlet as well as educational purpose.
We have choose to do a small intimate Salt Cave with a guided meditation for optimum attunement and healing. The Cave is 100 square foot Chamber that fits 2 people comfortably.
We offer this service and experience for $35 per session for one person or $40 for 2 people.
The session is 1 hour. Multi-trip packages are available, 10-pk, $250, must use within 60 days of purchase and this is for 2 people so you can bring a friend for your session. You may also use your sessions toward the Orgone Transmutation Chamber (only 1 person per session per trip credit).
Aromatherapy can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It is an art and science which seeks to explore the physiological, psychological and spiritual realm of the individual's response to aromatic extracts as well as to observe and enhance the individual's innate healing process. As a holistic practice, Aromatherapy is both a preventative approach as well as an active method to employ during acute and chronic stages of illness or 'dis'-ease.
Aromatherapy is non evasive, therapy which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to mind, body and soul.
Aroma therapy is a fundamental, ancient practice and world-recognized for its healing effects and stress relief.
It is a natural, non-invasive modality designed to affect the whole person not just the symptom or disease and to assist the body's natural ability to balance, regulate, heal and maintain itself by the correct use of essential oils.
Tina & Michele have worked with essential oils for the last four and half years. They have taken courses to expand their knowledge on essential oils and have successfully performed aroma therapy on countless occasions. The girls are well versed in essential oils and teach Essential Oil educational classes as well.
Buddha Reading Room: We do have ‘house’ Psychic Intuitive Readers previewed on our Affiliates Page. We also rent this space to outside Readers for $10hr. Please contact Michele and Mark at 203-932-1441 to schedule.
We have an ‘in-house’ Yoga instructor, Mia; you will find her on our affiliates page that runs 2-3 classes per week. As demand rises so will the amount of classes offered. Please check our monthly schedule for classes.
We do rent our Yoga space to outside Yoga Instructors, Zumba Instructors, Dance, Conferences and other activities in line with our space for $25 an hour.
If you would like to rent space please contact Michele or Mark at Stardust Blessings Metaphysical, 203-932-1441.
 Classroom/Workshop/Art Studio: We offer a variety of classes starting this fall at Stardust Blessings Metaphysical. We offer Jewelry making, Stone Wrapping, Orgone Technology, Essential Oils, Law of Attraction and free meditative Art sessions for children. 450 sq ft Classroom fits between 16-25 people depending on activity. Please check our Schedule page for classes and times.
We do rent this room as well to outside teachers and for conference or meetings ($25 hr). Please contact Michele or Mark @Stardust Blessings Metaphysical, 203-932-1441.
 Free Spiritual Library & Lounge: Come enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, relax in our lounge and explore the vast Spiritual Library. Books can be signed out upon request.
**Meditation area coming soon**

Life Coaching with Michele Scalpi

A Life Coach encourages his/her clients on a range of professional and personal issues. Life coaching is distinct from advice, consulting, counseling and mentoring. The coaching process takes on specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions by observing the current situation, identifying existing and potential challenges or obstacles and devising a plan of action designed to achieve specific outcomes.

The life coach/client relationship is a creative partnership which seeks to:

  • Identify, clarify and create a vision for what the client wants, dispels the feeling of being ‘stuck’ emotionally, mentally or spiritually.
  • The coach’s expertise is used to recognize and modify goals as needed
  • Encourages a client’s self-discovery
  • Nurture and evoke strategies and a plan of action based on what fits best with the client’s goals, personality and vision
  • Foster client accountability to increase productivity
  • Recognize harmful habits and promote understanding
  • Recognize the difference between action and reaction

These aspects of the process all work together to allow the client to maximize his or her potential. Further, research shows that coaching and training is a far more potent combination than training alone. In fact, training alone can increase productivity by 22.4%, but when combined with weekly life coaching, productivity is boosted by 88%.
I have spent most of my life working with adults and teenagers to guide them into healthier lifestyles, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically through meditation practice, becoming conscious and aware, healthy diets and of course unconditional love and non judgement.
My background in research has led me to vast understandings in quantum physics, studying the most brilliant minds in our history, of course Nikola Tesla, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Dr. Emotto, and Eckhart Tolle among hundreds of other science based studies regarding ‘life force energy’ also known as Chi and Orgone Energy. This knowledge can and has guided people to understand their Mind Body Soul connection and begin healing themselves through their own awareness and education.
**Quantum physics: is the study of micro particles such as, light, frequencies and waves. The research, experiments and theories of quantum physics explain observations which could not be explained or reconciled with classical physics applications.
I offer the first Life Coach extended session $25 (1 hour) for introductions, evaluation and assessment. Thereafter 40 min sessions for $35, extended sessions can be arranged.


**Disclaimer: Stardust Blessings Metaphysical makes NO claim of cures and/or replacement for medical treatment. You should always consult your doctor in the use of ANY holistic approach whether ingestibles, topicals or energy treatments.

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